Scott Fox


Scott Fox smallScott Fox continues to be a connective force at the forefront of the dynamic wireless industry. During his 35-year career, Scott has continually applied his leadership talent across the globe in many different growth areas for the wireless industry.   Scott spent many years as the Chairman and Board member of the GSM Association, the world’s leading wireless industry organization accounting today for over 85 percent of the world’s wireless market.

Scott currently helps drive the future of numerous public and private wireless companies worldwide as the Chairman and CEO of Global View Partners, Inc., a strategic consulting, management consulting, and equity investment firm.

In addition to being an Independent Director for WorldCell (WC), Scott currently serves as the Independent Director on the Board of Iowa Wireless Services (iWireless).  iWireless is a regional wireless operator which is owned by T-Mobile USA and Iowa Network Services (INS).   T-Mobile USA is a national wireless carrier; INS is comprised of 142 independent telephone companies throughout the state of Iowa.  (

A savvy investor, Scott helped lead a highly successful IPO on the NASDAC in 1999 while serving as Group President of Wireless Facilities (NASDAQ: WFII) and was also an early investor and Executive Chairman for Roamware.  In 2002, he co-founded Digital Orchid, a U.S.-based innovator in the development, management and distribution of exclusive branded wireless content and applications.  Scott laid the foundation for these successes during five years as Vice President Strategy and Chief Technology Officer for BellSouth (Cingular Wireless, now AT&T Wireless) as well as a variety of executive management positions within the wireless industry including executive positions at MCI, MobilMedia, McCaw Cellular, Metromedia, Lin Broadcasting, and Southwestern Bell.

Scott is an outspoken and sought-after advocate for and contributor to the telecommunications and wireless industries, publishing numerous articles, and speaking frequently at industry forums, conferences, and events.