WC delivers next-generation services that support the growing demand for connected devices Worldwide.

The company is born from deep roots within the telecommunications community and holds a legacy of success in delivering products globally that help people and things communicate over networks. Its new service delivery platform for M2M enablement focuses on addressing the needs that have historically challenged the growth, penetration, and business opportunities hoped for through the ability to connect devices simply and easily.

Our background in embedded devices, network integration, global carrier management, and partnering for best practices drives us to continually innovate new solutions that ameliorate the outlook for M2M. To this, we bring simplicity and ease of deployment to what has been a complex and fragmented path for M2M. Our services concentrate on providing:

  • An open architecture and framework free of any programming constraints
  • The ability to communicate seamlessly with devices regardless of protocol
  • Global connectivity on demand
  • Fully automated service provisioning and connectivity management
  • Web Services APIs that make it easy to quickly develop & deploy applications