Reasons why you should consider building your connected service using our cool solutions

  • We have the newest collection of technology and capabilities built into a single, all-inclusive platform
  • You can access an expansive array of APIs for connecting, communicating with, and managing your devices
  • We give you visibility into all your devices worldwide, no matter where they are at any point in time
  • We provide you with real-time, on-line diagnostics for you to monitor your connections.
  • You can quickly build an application from scratch using our toolbox of RESTful Web Services APIs and scripted code
  • Activate, suspend, configure, play with your devices all in real-time
  • Connect your device globally using a single SIM card with localized rates
  • Design, construct, build, and manufacture your device complete with connectivity options in the factory to create a single product SKU ready to meet the logistical challenges of global distribution
  • You get unsurpassed support from our internal team of M2M experts. We know M2M.
  • Best of all, we are EEE: efficient, effective, and easy to work with