HPT2 – High Performance Telecom

December 6th - 12th, 2013 | Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Today’s global telecommunication industry is constantly changing! Telecommunication executives and decision makers should give a good attention to understand the new transformational challenges in which the industry operates to enable them to make key decisions that influence the direction of their organization. One of the key challenges for telecommunication executives is to extract value out of changing markets. In order for executives to forecast market developments correctly and to determine their organization’s optimal positioning and pricing strategy, they need targeted, high-level strategy and marketing tactics.

According to the conducted survey; Annual Global CEO by PwC, the telecommunication industry represents an outlier position in terms of pushing costs down on existing processes and simultaneously working on new business models. At the same time CEOs in the telecommunication industry are taking a relatively optimistic view of their company’s prospects for revenue growth. Well over half 57% of the telecommunication CEOs interviewed in the Middle East were very confident that their business revenues will increase during the next 12 months.