Machine to Machine Enablement

Streamline operations, simplify management, and empower users with WorldCell’s M2M solutions.


Machine to Machine enterprises can leverage the tools and processes we’ve designed throughout our years of experience in the mobile industry in addition to the specific tools and platforms we’ve designed for the M2M industry. Because WorldCell has established relationships with international and domestic carriers, we can Join M2M companies with the service providers they need.

Activation Portal

Our activation portal simplifies the activation process for the end user and ensures fast, automated enablement of devices.

  • Site is customizable and can be private-labeled for maximum brand recognition and consistency.
  • Integrators or manufactures can view and track activations through a master account
  • End-users can activate sim or edit account information from any computer or mobile phone

Vikig Global SIM

Using our GSM network. Viking, and our waning relationships, our global SIM can connect machines all over the world.

  • GSM 1800 Network based h Reykjavik. Iceland
  • Coverage in 185 countries
  • 400 roaming agreements

Domestic SIMs

We have relationships with several large domestic carriers, including T-mobile and Verizon

  • Pre-paid or post-paid services
  • Voice, SMS. DTMF and data capable
  • Data or SMS only plans available