Developer Zone

WC understands the challenges that developers encounter when creating a new M2M application. Picking M2M devices, managing device subscriptions, handling data storage, coordinating multiple external services, and writing specific business rules required by the customer can all be major impediments to reaching deployment of a compelling business application.

In order to speed this development, WC has created an integrated secure Developer Zone which provides a rich set of RESTful API Services to assist in the development. Application developers can use our API’s to create their applications which can be hosted anywhere on any server. Applications can be written in any modern programming language that can access web services.

API’s in our developer zone include services such as:

  • Device Management – Create, Configure, and Control your M2M device without the requirement of understanding the device message protocols. Just use our simple name/value pair system to set various parameters on the device automatically. WC has pre-integrated many devices and is adding new device types weekly.
  • Subscription Management – Modify SIM subscriptions, profiles, get diagnostic information all through standard web services. No need to use a separate dedicated tool for this activity, it can be integrated directly into your application.
  • Enterprise-class Rules Engine – Need to have intelligent understanding of data received from your devices, our rules engine has a wide variety of operators from geo-services to sensor management. Create a rule using our API and the system will monitor your data and notify your application when the specified rule is true.
  • Device Data Reports and Storage – All device report information is stored in our enterprise-grade data center. Applications can access this data on a singular basis or pull complete history information. Our team can work with you to help determine the storage and retention requirements of your device data.
  • Geo Services – If you need mapping or other geo-service information in your application, use the Developer Zone to quickly integrate these into your program.
  • Usage Information – If you have a requirement to understand the usage of specific API’s or device information, our Metering and Monitoring API’s will deliver granular usage data for any device or set of devices. Interesting business models can be developed to offer a pay-as-you-use style of application if desired.
  • Utilities – Common utility API services are also offered to assist in your development. Examples are SMS and email.

Sample Applications

WC provides sample applications developed using our APIs in source code form. You can freely use these sample applications at no cost to speed your development process. You can view the applications in action within the Developer Zone.


Our API services are authenticated using industry standard OAUTH Key protocols. Once your account is established, you will be given a key which can be used to access the developer zone API’s. Our security system ensures that your data is held privately and is never disclosed to other developers or systems.

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