Service Delivery Platform

WC’s solution to connecting devices is an entirely new episode for M2M. While there is nothing new about capabilities that provision and manage connectivity ongoing, certainly there is uniqueness by adding application enablement on top of those basic services. Yet, while we deliver comprehensive services for activating and managing connectivity throughout a device’s life cycle, we consider these to be just what they are – simple, basic, de facto elements for supporting device connections.

Taking M2M to the next level, our platform contains an elaborate set of features that are built to deliver true application enablement. We do this through a library of RESTful Web Services APIs that are specifically designed for both creating and supporting M2M applications. We also combine those services with a library of translations that convert the various device communication protocols into a common format, normalized to any application. Our architecture is completely open, allowing developers to use any programming language they wish without the constraints of a typical design environment. Essentially, it is the “anti-platform” approach to application enablement – open, flexible, multi-lingual.

Through this approach, applications can easily and efficiently use multiple devices having disparate protocols. And, a device can support multiple applications running independently. As an added value with our architecture, applications no longer need to be rewritten or modified to support a new device that enters the market. Thus, once an application is built, it is future-proof from innovation in device evolution.

What you get with WC:

  • Automated provisioning & connectivity management
  • A single SIM with real-time activations on demand worldwide
  • Ability to use a single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) for global product distribution
  • Options to embed SIMs & IMSIs at the point of manufacture
  • End-2-end testing of a device’s connectivity while in the factory
  • Complex event & logic processing with configurable rules for custom reporting
  • Access to WCs library of RESTful Web Services APIs for enabling applications
  • Create applications in any coding language using WC’s open framework
  • Communicate with any device through a common format
  • Tools to build your own applications, or have them built by WC
  • Expert assistance from the WC technical team